The whole country is celebrating the 93rd anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnamese Communist Party (03/02/1930-03/02/2023) with a lively atmosphere. The entire Party, people, and army are proud of the Vietnamese Communist Party, which is firm and loyal to the Marxist-Leninist ideology and Ho Chi Minh Thought, and leads the people from one victory to another, making great achievements in the history of the nation and contributing to the global communist and worker movement and peace and progress of humankind. The Party is proud, Ho Chi Minh is great, and each official and party member should feel their responsibilities more clearly and strive to be part of the Party, building a clean and strong Party and working together to achieve important political tasks and contribute to the development of the school.

On the morning of February 3rd, the Party Committee of Nha Trang Tourism College has earnestly organized the Commemoration Ceremony of the 93rd Anniversary of the Establishment of the Vietnamese Communist Party (03/02/1930-03/02/2023) and the 93rd Anniversary of the Establishment of the Khanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee (24/02/1930-24/02/2023).

The ceremony was attended by Comrades Nguyen Doan Thanh – Secretary of the Party Committee, Principal; Comrade Nguyen Duc Tan – Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Principal; Comrade Doan Xuan Nhan – Vice Principal; leaders of various departments and faculties of the school; staff and students who are Party members within the school.

The school leaders and all the staff, party members greeted the flag at the ceremony.

On behalf of the Party Committee, the school principal, read the commemorative speech, Comrade Nguyen Duc Tan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Deputy Principal of the School, reviewed the birth, training, dedication and growth of the Communist Party of Vietnam; highlighting the historical significance of the event on February 3, 1930, when the Communist Party of Vietnam was officially established. From then on, our revolution had a correct path and the Communist Party of Vietnam truly became the leader and organizer of all the victories of our revolution.

Comrade Nguyen Duc Tan delivered a speech at the anniversary celebration.

Comrade affirmed that through this, we cherish the past more, preserve the achievements of the revolution, understand, love and feel proud of our heroic and intelligent people and our Party – the Communist Party of Vietnam, which is magnificent in its unity and sacrifice for the independence and freedom of the nation and the happiness of the people.

The 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam is an opportunity for our school to recall the glorious history of the magnificent Party, the magnificent history of our people and our heroic homeland. We celebrate the magnificent Party, the Lunar New Year of the Cat, the Party Committee, the Principal and all the staff and employees of the school as we step into 2023 with a new spirit and determination to implement the resolution to contribute to the success of the path chosen by the Party, Uncle Ho and our people, to be proud of and believe in the success of the renovation of the country, to cultivate the revolutionary qualities, to enhance the Party spirit, promote unity, renew and build a constantly developing school./.

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