Accounting is an indispensable department in every company, enterprise or organization, making it one of the most secure professions if you have good knowledge and skills.

What are the admission requirements? ONLY A HIGH SCHOOL DEGREE IS REQUIRED.


Accounting salary: The salary of an accountant also depends on the policy of each agency, organization, enterprise and their own abilities. However, the average salary of an accountant today can provide a stable life. In addition, you can work on tax reports for small companies that do not have an accountant. The completion time is only from 30 minutes to an hour, with an income ranging from 1 to 1.5 million dong per tax report.

Working hours: Accountants work during regular office hours, and only work overtime during report preparation periods. Accounting tasks rarely change, and once you are familiar with the procedures and skills, the work will be very easy.

With a major in Enterprise Accounting, you can work and demonstrate your abilities in: joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, insurance companies, and administrative units (government agencies, schools, etc.).

The Enterprise Accounting major at Nha Trang College of Tourism will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge with 80% HANDS-ON experience to help you approach the job after graduation in the best way possible. In addition, studying in a tourism environment will help you become more dynamic with the necessary skills to work in tourism businesses.

– You are someone who loves mathematics and has good analytical thinking skills.

– You are honest, careful, and responsible.

Choose the Business Accounting major at Nha Trang Tourism College if you have these qualities!

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