Why choose the Culinary Management Major?

Are you still young, daring to dream and pursue your passion? Don’t hesitate to “LET YOUR PASSION IGNITE YOUR DREAMS”!

With an average salary ranging from 5-7 million VND per month at various positions in many high-end restaurants, hotels, and resorts such as trimming and art design staff, sous chef, prep cook, hot kitchen staff, cold kitchen staff, pastry staff, you can be attractive to employers immediately after graduation.

And depending on your abilities, after a period of work, you can take on higher positions such as Supervisor, Head Chef, Department Head, Manager, etc.

Let’s choose Culinary Major – Nha Trang Tourism College

Especially in 2019, the school has added 16 seats to the German program. It can be considered a study abroad program at home, after graduation, students will receive a COLLEGE DEGREE FROM GERMANY and can work in European countries.


With a 70% HANDS-ON LEARNING PROGRAM, the classroom will not be crowded with rows of chairs and desks, and there will be no white chalk or blackboard. Every day you go to school, you will learn new recipes, put on a chef’s outfit, and get to know cooking utensils. And then, at the end of each class, you will be happy to taste the flavors of the dishes you have made with your own hands.

You will learn: how to prepare Asian and European dishes, how to make sauces, how to create decorative cakes, and more. Imagine the cute cakes you make or the works of art created with care and meticulousness.


You will receive a BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN PRACTICAL TRAINING, which can be used to pursue further education both domestically and internationally.

You will have a 100% EMPLOYMENT RATE with attractive salaries at 4-5 star RESTAURANTS and HOTELS.

You will have the OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN NATIONAL SKILL COMPETITIONS, where you can showcase your talents and gain national and international recognition. Did you know that in 2018, a student from the Culinary Arts program at Nha Trang Tourism College overcame numerous competitors to win an encouragement award at the National Skill Competition? Why not be the next one?

An increasing number of young people are choosing to study Culinary Arts because of the strong development of the tourism industry. “Chef” has become a popular and attractive profession that is in constant need of skilled labor.

Moreover, this is a profession where THE MORE EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE, THE MORE VALUABLE YOU ARE.

“Tomorrow, you will come to class, listen, and take notes on new recipes. Tomorrow, you will continue to pursue your passion and fulfill your own dreams. The happiest moment of every day is seeing your own artistic creations and smiling.”

Wishing you success with your passion!

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