The trend of choosing hotel management as a career

Is a stable job with a salary of 5-7 million VND per month after graduation at 4-5 star HOTELS, RESORTS, and VACATION AREAS worth your attention and pursuit? Another important thing is that you can work in various departments at 4-5 star hotels, such as reception, lobby, housekeeping, laundry, restaurants… and over time, with your own capabilities, you can take on higher positions such as supervisor, team leader, department head, manager…

Choose Hotel Management – Nha Trang Tourism College

The united, dynamic, and creative learning environment with tourism students is extremely attractive. The 70% practical program enables students to access the real working environment, ensuring job opportunities after graduation. It will not be thick textbooks or dry lectures, but daily practice of skills such as reception, housekeeping, accommodation, payment, event organization… You will also learn dancing and makeup.

What’s Interesting about Studying Hotel Management?

You are studying in the most populous major in the school, which is certainly something to be proud of. Camping, cultural activities, and sports always win high awards because there are many talented students who are also “hot boys” and “hot girls”. For many consecutive years, the Hotel Management major has had students honored to be in the national Miss Student and Miss Universe contests. Do you want to be the next one?

You will regularly appear in national and international events. Imagine being a beautiful receptionist or a handsome receptionist from the early days of studying at Nha Trang Tourism College? A beautiful room filled with roses and candles that you created with your own creativity and hands will surprise you. Frequent field trips and practical learning will help you reinforce the knowledge and skills you have learned.

Where Should You Study Hotel Management?

Nha Trang, a coastal city known for its continuous development in tourism, with more and more 4-5 star international hotels popping up, is definitely a place where there is a need for abundant human resources. Fully-equipped facilities with a HOUSEKEEPING AND FRONT DESK PRACTICE ROOM equivalent to a 4-5 star hotel will help you access a real working environment.

The university collaborates with 43 restaurants and 4-5 star hotels to ensure that you have regular internships, meeting practical requirements. And believe it or not, many second-year students have found part-time jobs in 4-5 star restaurants and hotels, and many students have been retained by these hotels to work after completing their internships.

With a PRACTICAL BACHELOR’S DEGREE, this will be a solid foundation for your future. As a high-quality industry, integrated into the regional and international labor market, you can study through UNIVERSITY LINKAGE both domestically and abroad after graduation.

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