The partnership for training between Nha Trang Tourism College and 4-5 star Hotels and Restaurants is one of the significant advantages.

☑️ It provides students with the opportunity to access a professional and dynamic real-life environment.
☑️ The training program emphasizes 80% hands-on experience, meeting the recruitment requirements of the business.
☑️ Create employment opportunities after graduation.

Nha Trang Tourism College provides the best learning and training environment because:

👉The college regularly organizes counseling conferences, career guidance, and job connections to give students more chances for practical experience, internships, and training to meet recruitment requirements..
👉The college also frequently organizes specialized exchange sessions with the participation of businesses and employers in the process of building the training program as well as directly teaching skills to students.

The meeting between the leaders of Nha Trang Tourism College and Muong Thanh Hotel

Rector of Nha Trang Tourism College and GM of Muong Thanh hotel.

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