Objectives and Mission of Nha Trang Tourism College.

The objectives and mission of the school are specifically stated in the School Establishment Project, the School Development Project for the 2014-2020 period and the vision to 2030, approved by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at Decision No. 68/QĐ-BVHTTDL dated 09/01/2014 of the Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, specifically: the school’s goal is “to develop into a multi-disciplinary, multi-level, and multi-field vocational training and research center, with some occupations reaching regional and international standards. Building a synchronous, modern technical infrastructure that meets the requirements of high-quality training, becoming a reputable and high-quality vocational training center in the Southeast Asian region; having competitiveness and showcasing the Vietnamese cultural identity”;

The mission of the school is: “Contribute to the development of the Vietnamese tourism industry by training high-quality human resources for tourism, with skills that meet regional and international standards; conducting scientific research and providing tourism services that meet social needs.”

— Nha Trang Tourism College —

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  • 02 Điện Biên Phủ, p. Vĩnh Hòa, Tp. Nha Trang
  • (0258) 3 551 777 - 0359 130 130
  • cddlnt@ntc.edu.vn

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