“Have you ever dreamed of studying RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT to work in 4-5 star RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, RESORTS?”

“Yes, the environment there is very professional, they require necessary skills, expertise in communicating with customers, advising customers on selecting dishes, serving Asian-European style dishes…”

“So, have you chosen a school yet?”

“I chose NHA TRANG TOURISM COLLEGE. Studying RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT here, not only do I get practical training in a real-world environment and get introduced to job opportunities after graduation, but I also receive a BACHELOR OF PRACTICE certificate to have the opportunity for career advancement in the future.”

What are the requirements to study Restaurant Management at Nha Trang College of Tourism?


Have you ever dreamed of working in luxurious and professional Restaurants, Hotels, and 4-5 star Resorts?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a bartender?

Or have a higher dream of owning a beautiful restaurant?

Or simply having a stable job with a good salary?

Take the first steps in turning your dreams into reality with NHA TRANG TOURISM COLLEGE:

Our training program focuses on 70% practical training, and our facilities are well-equipped for learning, including a 300-seat restaurant, 2 practice rooms for table service, and 2 practice rooms for bartending. We ensure that our students are capable of working immediately after graduation. We have partnerships with over 40 upscale restaurants, 4-5 star hotels, and travel companies, providing students with better access to real-world environments.

Opportunities to participate in national-level events and competitions, including the National Skills Competition held every two years, are available. Nha Trang College of Tourism has achieved many successes at national-level skills competitions, which partly affirms the quality of the school’s training. After graduating from the Restaurant Management program, you can earn a salary ranging from 5-7 million VND per month in positions such as:

– Server at restaurants, hotels, resorts

– Bartender

– Depending on your capacity and ability, after a period of time, you will be responsible for higher positions such as department head, management supervisor, with attractive salaries.

You can work while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Vietnam or abroad to create long-term development opportunities for yourself in the future. Nha Trang College of Tourism is a public college under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The tuition fee policy complies with the regulations of the state; especially, if you have good academic results, you will receive a higher scholarship than the tuition fee. With over 2,500 dynamic and enthusiastic students studying at the school, it promises to create a good learning environment for you.

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