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Phone: (0258) 3 551 777 (Office: 405)


1. Implement student affairs:

Organize educational activities to enhance students’ political and ideological awareness. Build a positive attitude towards learning and character development.

Manage student enrollment, monitor tuition payment, process tuition waiver applications, and grant scholarships to students in accordance with the regulations of the state.

Organize extracurricular education activities, encourage cultural, physical, and sports activities, and foster a positive and harmonious student life. Prevent negative behaviors and maintain campus security.

Collaborate with other departments within the school to promote academic and character development and to be role models for students. Recommend awards, penalties, and timely solutions for students who violate school rules and regulations, and the laws of the state.

2. Perform dormitory management tasks:

Advise the Principal on the direction of developing the School Dormitory into a cultural, civilized, safe, orderly, hygienic, and beautiful facility.

Annually, collaborate to propose the use, purchase, and repair of new equipment, buildings, and other construction projects to serve both the management tasks and the students living in the dormitory area.

Collaborate to implement preventive measures and come up with timely solutions to address incidents of property violations and fires in the dormitory area.

Organize the life of the students living in the dormitory: Welcome, register, and hold meetings with the residents according to regulations, allocate and arrange living quarters, disseminate and guide the implementation of the student residency and dormitory regulations; register temporary residency according to regulations for students, maintain a list of students living in the dormitory and manage the data using a computer to serve inquiries and provide lists to relevant units within and outside the School as requested.

The organization and management of human resources is responsible for maintaining security and order and protecting property in the dormitory area. Collaborate with the Administrative Office and General Affairs to effectively ensure security and order in the dormitory area and throughout the university.

Collaborate with the Youth Union to organize cultural and sports activities in the dormitory area; organize activities to build a strong and healthy lifestyle, prevent negative incidents from infiltrating students; and cooperate with local police in preventing and handling social incidents in the dormitory area.

Collaborate with the guardian of the student boarder to collect fees for boarding students according to regulations.

Monitor the dining, living, and learning of students living in the dormitory; promptly report to the Principal and relevant authorities about any undesirable phenomena in students. Propose to the school the methods for handling students who violate school regulations.

Collaborate with the school health care, organize disease control in the boarding area when symptoms of illness are detected, and immediately report to the school health care and local health authorities to apply necessary treatment measures.

  1. Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.



Mr. Phan Ngoc Hau

Head of Student  Affairs Office

Telephone: (0258) 3 551 777 (Extension 405)


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  • (0258) 3 551 777 - 0359 130 130

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