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Email: ktdbclgd@ntc.edu.vn

Phone: (0258) 3 551 777 (Office: 414)


Advise the Rector in organizing various types of exams and exam forms for modules/subjects. Collaborate with departments and faculties to develop and manage a bank of exams for each module/subject, improve and develop exam forms that meet the requirements of different fields and levels of education to enhance the effectiveness of evaluation and the quality of education.

Regularly perform supervision and monitoring duties during exam administration; manage and supervise the drawing of exam papers, printing of exams, and monitoring the administration of computer-based objective and essay exams. Preside over the evaluation of the accuracy of marking and organize random evaluations of marking results by instructors and teachers.

Coordinate with specialist departments; Office of Education, Science and International Cooperation Management, Student and Alumni Affairs; Administrative Office and General Affairs in determining eligibility for exams and graduation requirements according to regulations.

Check and monitor the organization of final exams, semester exams, make-up exams, repeat exams, and graduation exams.

Consult on operational processes and methods for ensuring the quality of education, examination, and evaluation for units; organize training sessions for officials, instructors and teachers in the School on exam supervision.

Advising the principal to implement comprehensive solutions to ensure the quality of education (including: teaching methods, learning methods, assessments, evaluation of training quality, conditions for ensuring training quality…).

Acting as a liaison, collaborating with relevant units to research and develop assessment tools for education quality (Including: teaching methods, study methods, testing, education quality evaluation, ensuring quality education conditions, etc.).

Acting as a liaison, collaborating with relevant units to organize evaluations of education programs, teaching activities of instructors and teachers, and support services for students.

Organizing self-assessments according to the standards for Quality Assessment of Colleges and participating in external assessments as required by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs. Acting as a liaison in collaboration with relevant units to build annual reports on education quality assurance.

Guiding and monitoring the implementation of quality assessments at units.

Advising the Principal on the organization of inspection activities in the field of education and training within the scope of the Principal’s management responsibility (including: inspecting the implementation of objectives, plans, content, educational methods, training regulations, examination regulations, degree and certificate issuance; implementing regulations on textbooks, lectures, and other necessary conditions to ensure the quality of education).

Advising the Principal on inspection of the implementation of policies, laws, and tasks assigned to units and individuals within the Principal’s management authority and inspecting other cases assigned by the Principal. Through the inspection activities, recommending to the Principal the issues that need to be resolved, dealt with, and issues that need to be adjusted and supplemented in management regulations and guiding measures to enhance the effectiveness of management in the School.

Effectively managing and using the physical facilities and equipment in the Department.

Performing other tasks assigned by the Principal.



Mr. Trần Ngọc Huân

Head of Testing and Education Quality Assurance Office

Phone: (0258) 3 551 777 (Extension 414)

Email: tnhuan@ntc.edu.vn

Mr. Nguyễn Duy Dũng

Deputy Head of Testing and Education Quality Assurance Office

Phone: (0258) 3 551 777 (Extension 409)

Email: nddung@ntc.edu.vn

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