On the morning of February 11th, at the Youth Park of Nha Trang Tourism College, the Trade Union Executive Committee, Youth Union, and Student Association jointly organized the Launch of the “Forever Remembering Uncle Ho by Planting Trees” Spring Campaign 2023; Celebrating the 92nd Anniversary of the Founding of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (26/03/1931 – 26/03/2023) and the 2023-2028 Trade Union Congress.

During the time of President Ho Chi Minh, who was beloved by us, he emphasized “Spring is the time for planting trees, making the country more and more spring-like.” In education, he also emphasized “For the benefit of 10 years, you must plant trees, for the benefit of a hundred years, you must plant people.” In response to his calls and teachings, every year when Tet comes and spring arrives, all over the country, the annual “Planting Trees in Memory of President Ho Chi Minh” event is launched. Planting trees has become a traditional cultural feature of our people. That is why, every year, the school attaches great importance to planting trees, caring for them to create a green, clean and beautiful educational environment. This helps to raise awareness among officials, members and members of the importance of planting trees, planting forests and managing forest protection, contributing to environmental protection efforts and coping with climate change.

The ceremony was attended by Comrade Nguyễn Đức Tân – Deputy Secretary of the Party, Deputy Principal of the School; Comrade Đoàn Xuân Nhân – Party member, Deputy Principal of the School; and all the trade union members and student members in the Youth Union – Student Association.

The tree-planting Tet launching ceremony this year aims to widely and deeply propagate and call upon all officials, union members, and association members to effectively implement Directive No. 45/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister dated December 31, 2020 on organizing the “Tree-Planting Tet” campaign and enhancing the work of forest protection and development from the beginning of 2021.

A number of pictures from the “Tree Planting Festival” ceremony.

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