As usual, in April 2023, Nha Trang Tourism College will continue to collaborate with Cholimex Food Joint Stock Company to organize the 3rd edition of the Culinary Talent Contest “Flavors of the Sea” in 2023.

The competition aims to provide a healthy and beneficial playground for students to exchange experiences and professional skills with experts and professional chefs from businesses;

Introduce high-quality Vietnamese products from Cholimex Food and use these products in the cooking process to improve the skills of students at the college.

This year’s contestants will have to demonstrate their knowledge of culinary arts, talent, and creativity in preparing dishes that reflect the cultural characteristics of “Flavors of the Sea” cuisine, along with a suitable drink, in two styles of decoration: traditional and contemporary. Participants will have the opportunity to receive prizes with a total value of more than 30 million Vietnamese Dong, including cash, certificates of merit from the organizers, and attractive prizes from Cholimex Food.

To maintain the excitement of the competition and increase the level of competition, not only between students of Nha Trang Tourism College  but also with the intense competition of teams of chefs from neighboring famous restaurants, this promises to be a very attractive competition. This is considered a notable difference from previous years.

In addition, one major attraction for this year’s contestants, besides the prizes from the main sponsor, Cholimex Food, is the prizes from the award sponsor, Selectum Noa Resort Cam Ranh:

  • 1 Prize A: 1 all-inclusive 2-day-1-night vacation for 3 people at Selectum Noa Resort Cam Ranh
  • 1 Prize B: 3 vouchers for 1-time use at Selectum Noa Resort Cam Ranh: dinner buffet by theme + water park
  • 13 Consolation prizes: 39 vouchers for 1-time use at Selectum Noa Resort Cam Ranh: lunch buffet + water park


The 2023 competition will still provide conditions for contestants such as not requiring them to contribute to the competition’s costs; providing funds to buy materials and spices to use in the competition; and participating in a professional competition with many chefs.

Schedule of the 3rd “Flavors of the Sea” Culinary Talent Competition in 2023:

  • 9:00 AM on April 4th, 2023: Organizing Committee Meeting to announce the competition rules, ingredients, tools and equipment, and answer any questions from the contestants.
  • 8:00 AM on April 8th, 2023: Official start of the competition.

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