On the morning of September 13, 2022, at the Multi-Purpose Gymnasium, Nha Trang Tourism College cooperated with the School of Information Officers to organize the opening program on defense and security education for students of Nha Trang University. Nha Trang College of Tourism for the academic year 2022-2023.

Attending the opening program, on the side of the Information Officer School, there was the presence of Colonel Tran Thanh Trung – Head of the Training Department of the Information Officer School; you are a training course manager, a training course instructor of the Information Officer School. On the side of Nha Trang Tourism College, there was the presence of Mr. Nguyen Doan Thanh – Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of the School. With the presence of more than 500 students participating in the training course.

The subject of National Defense and Security Education is a compulsory subject that learners must participate in training, with professional training from the School of Information Officers, it will ensure that learners achieve the goals that this module requires. suggest.

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